(Other) Things We Can Talk to God About

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Do you ever wonder what to pray about? Pray without ceasing is nice and all, but sometimes it seems unattainable at best, and totally impossible at worst. Certainly, we should pray to God in adoration for who He is and what He’s done for us. Absolutely, we should confess our sins regularly to God in prayer. Thanksgiving for our blessings and the ways God is at work around us should be a part of our prayers. And, of course, we often think to lift to God the needs of others around us. But what if there are other things we can pray about?

The longer I’m a parent the more insights I learn about my own parents and about God, our Father. One of those being in regard to talking to them. I have from a very young age been fiercely independent. I tend to play it pretty close to the vest and I only share what is necessary. I also don’t particularly enjoy talking on the phone. I used to not talk to my parents all that often on the phone—I just didn’t have anything I thought was interesting to share. After becoming a parent myself, I have learned that moms and dads don’t really need content that meets a certain criteria, they simply want to hear from you because you’re their beloved child. One regaling on the finer points of choosing which socks to wear and somehow hanging on every word of the sweet voice that is my offspring, opened my eyes to the fact that my parents want to hear from me. And more than that, God, my Creator and Father, wants to hear from me about everything too. (And, in case you’re wondering, He wants to hear from you too.)

10 (Other) Things We Can Talk to God About:

  1. Our Stresses, Griefs, & Failures
  2. Our Happy Moments
  3. Our Pains (Physical & Emotional) 
  4. Our Challenges, Fears, & Insecurities
  5. How We Spent our Day
  6. What We Think about Things We Like (And Things We Don’t Like)
  7. General Musings and Observations
  8. Thinking Aloud and Sorting Through Details
  9. How we’ve Enjoyed the People and Things in our Lives
  10. General Updates

Yes, He knows everything and already knows whatever will come out of our mouths. But take it from a new and ever-learning parent, He still would rather hear “old news” from us than nothing at all. So, let’s get talking to our Father.

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