Call Committee Corner

7/25/21 Redeemer's Congregational Voter's Assembly voted unanimously to extend a Call to the pastoral nominee brought forward by the Call committee. For more specific information on the candidate, please contact the office at 517-750-3100. 
7/25/21 at 10:45am Special Voter's Meeting for Call Committee to bring their nomination for a pastor to the congregation. All names on our list will be shared briefly as well as more information about the candidate being recommended for a Call. Voting members are encouraged to be present. 
7/7/21-7/8/21 Call Committee conducting pastoral candidate interviews via video chat
6/22/21 Call Committee meeting with Circuit Visitor to get a better picture of next steps with our candidate list and materials
6/14/21 Congregation may view candidate list and materials on all candidates during office hours (Monday through Thursday 8am-4pm or Friday by appointment) in the church building. Please call the office if you have questions. 
6/13/21 Pastoral Candidate List received from Michigan District via Circuit Visitor 
5/16/21 Call Committee meeting to continue preparations for interviewing candidates
4/21/21 Summary of survey and mission and ministry inventory compiled and submitted to President Maier to begin assembling a Call list
3/21/21 Call Committee meeting to develop interview strategy for candidates
3/8/21 Data report submitted to the Michigan District
3/7/21 Call Committee meeting to begin plans to ensure we're ready to take action when the MI District gets us a list
2/24/21 Congregational Mission & Ministry Inventory Deadline for Congregation Members
2/21/21 Leadership & Staff working to complete data report for the MI District
2/18/21 Congregational Meeting with President Maier; Re-watch Here
1/10/21 Call Committee formed & installed

Prayer Needs

  • Pray for our future pastor
  • Pray for Redeemer and for the congregation our future pastor will be coming from
  • Pray for yourself asking God: what would you have me do? 
  • Pray for wisdom for President Maier and his team as they assemble a list of candidates
  • Pray for wisdom and guidance for our Call Committee

Call Committee Members

  • Chairman: Andy B.
  • Steve A.
  • Jon B.
  • Josh B.  
  • Amanda K. 
  • Linda T. 
  • Dave V.
  • Advisory: Craig B. & Kimber W. 

If you have Call process related questions or concerns, please email Andy B.