Teaching the Lord's Prayer

Posted by Kimber Walsh on

Teaching the Lord's Prayer to children or those new to the faith is a valuable use of time because it is the way that Jesus taught to pray. [Matthew 6:9-13]

Here are a few ideas to teach it: 

  • Pray this prayer daily in your home--morning, mealtime, devotional time, or bedtime. 
  • Pray this prayer weekly in corporate worship.
  • Speak each petition and others can repeat that phrase back to you.
  • Write the whole Lord's Prayer out daily.
  • Remove some of the key words and then fill-in-the-blank.
  • Draw symbols or pictures for each phrase (petition) that helps you remember them. 
  • Use these hand motions resources to learn the Lord's Prayer:


  • Listen to a music version of the Lord's Prayer. Add it to your regular playlists.
  • In family devotions or family worship learn more about how to apply the Lord's Prayer to your life. 
  • In worship services, learn about the broader Biblical context and the ways the Lord's Prayer points us to all that God has done.
  • Read Luther's Small Catechism section on the Lord's Prayer.


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